Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tune in next time!??

report from the Daily Banbuggle-

there has been a change in plans!!!! Goggles and Chomps have been put on hold as the creator has had a change in heart. As he has said "its not that i dont want to work on GnC, its that there are certain things i need to get off my chest before i can continue to work on it." Outraged the city is in a panic, city officials are confused. what does this mean for the city of Banboutonbare? the creator has promised that he will return one day after his newest project "Tales of Amotra" has taken off. Mayor Giblet has promised the city that he will be on close watch with the creator folowing his trail at to make sure that he keeps his promise. more as the story develops

-Darline Daring

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