Thursday, October 29, 2009


so ive been working on backgrounds for the past few days, this is what i have done so far, ive made a list of all the backgrounds i need done for this film, and surprisingly theres not as many as i thought there would be, of course i still dont know what im going to need for the big fight sequences yet. i imagine at this point they're going to be more abstract backgrounds so im not worried about those. but all is well, few minor set backs but i had expected the unexpected so everything is still on schedule.

there is one background that is giving a lil more trouble than its worth adn im debating on wether to fix it or just can it.....hmmmm

Monday, October 19, 2009

letters of inspiration

so two years ago i had the pleasure of doing a presentation at my old elementary school Maybury Elementary in Detroit. i showed off the first goggles and chomps experiment along with a few other things. to my surprise, the kids really took to goggles and chomps, some immediately following the cartoon tried drawing goggles or chomps and then showed it off to me. i left that day feeling good, but then a two weeks later i got fan mail and that really told me that this is the film for me to make.

the heroes

this is Goggles and Chomps, once simple working Americans working at a local fast food food joint (Burger Baron) till one day they anciently served a radio active burger to a customer and during the battle that ensued they were tossed into the microwave and transformed into SUPER HEROES!!

welcome to the offical Goggles and Chomps blog

hey everyone, and welcome! this is the official blog to Goggles and Chomps, ill be posting everything form rough sketches to final renderings, and the stories of inspiration that lead to the development of this film. so hope you visit often and feel free to write your comments or email me at